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Debt Recovery

Karen Buchanan heads up the Debt Recovery/Insolvency unit and has 30 years of experience. She is well respected in Scotland and recognised as one of the main players in her field. She was formerly a partner at Nolan Macleod. Also heavily involved in daily operational issues is Carol Arthur who has worked with Karen for over 20 years and is a registered paralegal.

Karen is an accredited Insolvency specialist who deals with defended litigation and any aspect of Insolvency litigation working with Scottish Insolvency practitioners. One of the aspects of her commercial debt recovery practice is pursuing debts through commercial court cases.

In Glasgow, (and now Edinburgh) there is a commercial court with experienced Sheriffs who will deal with commercial cases on a much quicker basis than the usual defended procedures.

The Sheriffs fix shorter timetables and are proactive in dealing with cases. They are all experienced former solicitors/ advocates with extensive commercial experience and Karen and her team try to use this court, where possible, if the clients’ contract/circumstances permit.

The result is a far quicker route to the ultimate granting of decree (judgment). The ‘dodgy defence’ used by timewasters is quickly addressed by the agent and the Sheriff and matters are addressed in a quicker manner in this court. Cases involving consumer credit actions cannot be heard by the Commercial court.

For a brief overview of the practice and procedures relating to Scots Law, please click here. This will assist you when you are interested in recovering your debts in Scotland. To contact Karen directly please email her at kbuchanan@buchananmacleod.co.uk.

Karen Buchanan

Carol Arthur

Carol Arthur is the senior court paralegal having worked for several prestigious Scottish law firms for more than 20 years. She previously worked at Nolan Macleod with Karen Buchanan since 1994 and has been with Buchanan Macleod since 2004.

Carol has specialised solely in all aspects of debt recovery during the last 20 years. She is currently responsible for the supervision of the court department and issuing of court actions, demands, petitions for liquidation and sequestration and deals with ongoing undefended court actions and their enforcement.

She has gained extensive consumer credit experience during her 20 years or more and presently acts for a large debt recovery firm dealing with consumer credit cases. She also deals with cases for credit unions,builders’ merchants and plant hire companies.

She acts in consumer and commercial cases and Carol’s knowledge in the Consumer credit and general debt recovery field is second to none and she can be contacted on carthur@buchananmacleod.co.uk

Carol Arthur